Future Technology-live hologram from your phone

In class we had to come up with a technology for the future that we would want to see come out or be designed so our group came up with using your cell phone to have a live miniature hologram of the person you are talking too. So basically have a live feed conversation similar to Skype but more digital, if that makes sense! So when someone calls you or leaves you a voice mail you have the ability to see the persons full body but miniature like the size of a water bottle. You would be able to have a conference meeting in 3-D across the country without actually being there in person. We also thought that with something like class if weren’t able to physically make it (like if you are sick) you could be present with the hologram of yourself in the class. It could work for professors too in a similar way. 

This alters social and cultural relations by having face-to-face contact without leaving the house. International travel would no longer be needed because you could use this technology! Economically speaking it might affect travel costs, gas prices and things of that nature because people would not need to do it as much. It would have a negative impact on planes, trains and other forms of transportation though. Although it might be able to help the environment in that sense if people are not traveling as much. Cell phone bills would probably be higher and batteries may have to be bigger to support the hologram usage. 

We also came up with the idea that with the hologram you could have a digital closet or digital house tours. The digital closet would be nice for everyone and you could pick what you want to buy/wear through that! Or you could pick what you are digitally going to wear, so it would show up on your hologram self. For the digital house tours if you were looking to buy a house and didn’t have time to make a trip somewhere you could do it through the hologram or something like that. 

We also talked about how this would probably be like any other new technology that comes and is met with resistance because you really would not have a need to ever leave your house or office so to speak. Which is what we saw as a potential downside to this because you might not ever actually meet in person face-to-face again. Other obstacles could be bigger phones and the longevity of the batteries. Also having to get the other products that you would need in order to make your self a hologram. And factoring in the costs of these products. 

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