Transformations of Communication

           When we think of the transformationof communication it can be a little overwhelming to think about because it is happeniImageng daily! And over the past few decades it has changed completely and rapidly. As mentioned this is a topic that covers a vast amount because you could talk about so much. The definition of communication is hard to pinpoint in my opinion because it can mean so many different things. I think that communication as we have discussed in class is a way to transfer or exchange messages, thoughts, and meaning. But communication can also be described as simply a message or a way of interacting with others. And with things like technology changing and growing the way we communicate has changed as well. We have become a more digital society.

Going from using the telegraph and other inventions to send a message to being able to be thousands of miles away and sending a email instantly from a mobile phone while you are walking to class. Technology has helped foster these new ways to communicate faster and some times more efficiently. But that has also presented some problems in some peoples eyes because we aren’t maybe necessarily talking face to face as much because of the convenience technology has offered to us.

Even with the invention of social media we feel like we have become more connected in some ways and so distant from people because we are communicating through a screen. There are so many outlets to communicate from as well that we cannot function without our iphone or computer because we need it to feel connected. Which is what John Durham Peters talks about the tensions that defined communication, how we have this solipsism, basically fear of isolation from others and the impossibility of communicate with others. But he also mentions the other tension Telepathy which is more relevant now I think because you fear that you cannot hide your thoughts from others and not being able to not communicate(turning it off).


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