Rejecting Technology




Is rejecting technology achievable? In my world the use of the web, cell phones, apps, and iPads, seem to make rejecting technology impossible. I have always been curious to find out who in this technology-based culture just does not use it or is completely against it. Would it be people living on the Amazon or in Ghana that do not use any technology? Well I can answer those questions from personal observation: no. Having been on a riverboat down the Amazon in Manaus, Brazil, I have seen both of my tour guides using their iPads to get on facebook and surf the web. I am thinking how in the world did they get wifi?

In Ghana I thought I would not see any technology use, but boy was I wrong. In a tiny village called Senase, I happened to be asked multiple times for my name so that the Ghanaian people can find me on facebook on their tiny nokia phones. Thinking back to those tiny nokia phones, I wonder how strained their eyes must be from strolling through their FB homepages on the tiny screens.

Anyway, those are just cases of places that use technology that may not be as advanced as our country but are moving with the times. Cultures that reject technology have exceptions of course. Let’s take a look at the Amish Society. According to the article, Amish Studies, “The Amish do not consider technology evil in itself but they believe that technology, if left untamed, will undermine worthy traditions and accelerate assimilation into the surrounding society.” This balance of respecting traditions and beliefs combined with today’s fast-paced moving society creates a compromise that many religious groups need to find.

Overall rejection of technology seems severe, doesn’t it? Yes one has rules to unplug after work, focus on the family, and have “relaxing time”. But to wake up in the morning and go about your day without touching a piece of technology seems a bit unrealistic. Is it possible? I think it depends on the job and circumstances. Today, for example, the profession of a doctor, teacher, editor, and sports coach relies on using some sort of technology. Whether it is a computer to update a patient’s chart or a cell phone to call players about a cancelled practice, technology is used.

Rejection of a type of technology is not uncommon. Surveying coworkers, I have found out that many have at least one source of technology that they refuse to use based on many reasons. These consist of twitter, instagram, facebook, and personally for myself I do not use foursquare. In the future people will continue to reject technology, but by what amount continues to vary.


By: Loren Springsteen



One thought on “Rejecting Technology

  1. It is really difficult to resist technology today however, I think that st times it must be done to be social beings. If we are into our phones every minute of the day, we lose precious time that could be spent with other people. I aim to decrease my use of technology whenever possible so I can live a normal life. This is a great post that displays the problems with technology and our society.

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