Are We Being Driven Apart?


There are some who believe that technology is driving us apart, instead of bringing us together as others might believe.  Although there is that constant feeling of being connected while online, for those not “plugged in” it can feel very lonely on the outside looking in.  In an article by Turkle “Alone Together” a 15 year-old girl was quoted as saying “My cell phone, is my only individual zone, just for me.”

Although there are many who would say that technology has brought us together by providing different means of communication that above quote kind of changes that.  How close can we be if a child’s cell phone is where she feels most comfortable?  The fact that she feels most comfortable with her cell phone instead of with a friend or family member goes to what  Dr Rowan Williams , discusses in “The Telegraph” when he speaks on the growing obsession with social media, and the fact that its is creating “transient relationships” as well as “dehumanising” community.

In an article written by Loretta LaRoche for Enterprise News she is quoted as saying “It also becomes difficult to have face-to-face communications. Much of the technology today isolates us rather than brings us together.”  We are isolated in our one-on-one time with the technology that we are interacting with.  We no longer focus on those around us when we are engaged in our technologies leaving us separated from one another.

Now the question comes: Are we being separated by technology or brought together by it?

-Allisha Hemingway


2 thoughts on “Are We Being Driven Apart?

  1. I agree that technology is driving us farther apart rather than bringing us together like it was intended to. Text messages that were created as a way of being able to communicate quickly and efficiently have turned into the only way some people are able to express their feelings and emotions. I believe that the more we use things like texting and other chat room types of technology to have deep and intimate conversations rather than having them face to face, decreases our relationships and the way we are able to express ourselves to one another, which in reality is actually driving us apart.

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