Technology & The Body

Technology and the body have always been interacting. Edward Tenner wrote in “Technology, Technique, and the Body” about the use of a steering wheel and how humans adapted to using a steering wheel when they first learned to drive.  Humans and technology both modify and change one another.

An interesting article by Ari Daniel Shapiro goes into what is being done today for future advancements with mixing technology and the body. “A small community of people who have magnets inserted into their bodies” is no April Fool’s joke. Shapiro introduces cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick and his goal to merge humans and machines.

The article touches upon people who have similar feelings as Warwick, like Rebecca Davey. She had a small incision in her finger so a magnet implant could fit under the skin. This way when she passes a microwave, she fills the pull and tingle of the magnet. Why, you ask? According to Warwick, just having the magnets in fingers can create a different way to interpret music.

Warwick makes a good point with how humans are not good with multi-tasking when it comes to technology. Driving and talking on cell phones have turned into a bad idea, no wonder more states are deeming it illegal to do both at the same time.

The future for the merging of humans and technology is advancing, but unknown. Who knows, I may be full of magnets in 20 years and must avoid getting too close to a fridge…

ImageBy: Loren Springsteen

Edited By: Allisha Hemingway


4 thoughts on “Technology & The Body

  1. I thought the idea of having magnets inside your body is a little creepy! But when you think about it, it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal because there are people that have pacemakers and other small devices put in their bodies in order to save their lives. So I think this is an interesting idea but I’m not sure why you would want magnets inside your body?!
    -stephanie benner

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