Technology bringing us together

It is rare to find a person of our generation that uses a flip phone, let alone a dumb phone. Because most of my friends have a smart phone, specifically an iPhone, this causes an endless amount of ways to stay in contact with them. This one small device that fits in my hand allows me to update my Facebook status, send a tweet on Twitter, Instagram a picture, pin a new purse that I love on Pinterest and the list goes on.Image

All of this allows us to communicate with our friends 24/7. Some people see this as an overload of social media, but others see this as the advancement of technology bringing us closer together. Although we are not technically together physically, our cellphones, tablets, and laptops allow us to be with our friends and communicate with them while miles away. This is especially true for me and my friends as we are all away at different schools. We are able to call, text, and FaceTime all on our iPhones in order to stay in touch with each other.

I think that technology brings us together because it is allowing us to be able to stay in contact with those who are not with us or near us. If we did not have the technology today, such as Facebook, Twitter, or iPhones, it would make communicating with those away from us extremely hard. Yes, we are sitting behind a screen instead of face to face, but because of technology we have the ability to contact a friend or family member whenever we want.

My parents are not on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. so they do not see what I have been up to lately. In order to communicate with them I have to pick up my phone and call them and sometimes send a text  message. My mom is one of the few people I know that still has a flip phone. My dad was the first in our family to get an iPhone and I FaceTime with him regularly to see him and my mom. If we didn’t have technology today then I would not be able to stay in touch with my parents.


Jamie Adams


4 thoughts on “Technology bringing us together

  1. I like the perspective Jamie takes here with regards to being in constant connection with our friends. Our cell phones have made getting in touch with each other so easy that without being able to connect in many different ways we sort of start to panic. In that sense that we are more connected to our friends I agree, but I dont necessarily think that it brings us closer to people outside of our network. In fact I think it does just the opposite. But maybe that is the way our society is shifting; to become closer to those who you already close to, and further apart from those you dont know.
    -Grace Marlette

  2. I enjoyed reading this, because I think the topic of does it bring us closer together or not is always going to be something debated. It depends on certain things whether I think it does or not, I’m still deciding. With the invention of the iPhone and other smart phones we are able to be in constant contact with all of social networks and friends as well! I do agree that sometimes it is an overload of information and always having to be connected can be not fun sometimes! But when Jamie brings up the point about staying connected and in touch with those who are farther away I agree that having a smart phone and being connected is the easiest way to stay in touch with these people! Having an iPhone with facetime has allowed my younger siblings to see and talk to my grandparents who live really far away!
    -Stephanie Benner

  3. I find this so interesting how you argue that this technology brings us together. In a past post of mine, I argued in opposition of this. However, for those of us who have no other means of communicating, THIS IS very helpful in keeping us close. My mother does have a smart phone, but she does not know how to use it as such. In her case, it is essentially a flip phone. This almost goes without saying, but her only being able to use her phone to make phone calls and send text messages is beneficial for us at the moment because I am not overseas or in an area where I can only communicate through the internet. However, if I were in a position where I was unable to communicate through cell towers and I needed the internet to communicate with her, she would definitely need to learn how to use her phone past these two modes of communication.

  4. The topic of whether technology brings us closer together or not has always been really interesting to me. With the emergence of new technologies, the inventors are becoming better at keeping us in constant communication with one another. The author brought up a great aspect of technology which is it keeps people that are far away in contact. Yet sometimes being too connected can allow others to be disconnected with reality. Our society has the ability to be in constant contact with certain people but I do not believe that it necessarily brings us together. I do not think it brings us closer and sometimes I think it brings us farther away. Most importantly, because the loss of interpersonal communication goes away. People love when things are made easier for them, that is why instead of calling someone on the phone they are more likely to text someone instead. This is going to continue to occur in our society and I agree it could end up bringing us more apart than closer.

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