The New Aesthetic

The new aesthetic is an image-processing media that was originated in Britain.  It is a media that belongs to a small group at this time, but it is one that we should be interested in taking and using.  The new aesthetic is defined as “an eruption of the digital into the physical,” by Bruce Sterling in his article “An Essay on the New Aesthetic.”  The new aesthetic is the newest product of modern world of technology, and a share-able concept.

The new aesthetic is a means of telling the truth.  There are different forms of the imaginary that it allows for expression in this time period.  Thanks to all the new devices and machines we are able to create raw graphic innovations.  These are innovations that we are then able to open up to the world and allow to interact with. An example of how this technology is opened up and shared is the through its Tumblr entitled “The New Aesthetic.”

This wonderful new media has given us the ability to break down cultural walls and build connections.  We are also able to see the new aesthetic transpire in real time.  It exists wherever there is means to transmit information.  ThisYoutube video explains the New Aesthetic a little better:

How will you use The New Aesthetic and what will you share?

Written by: Allisha Hemingway

Edited by: Loren Springsteen


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